Jazz it up in Koktebel

Don Braden: We want to pass on our mood to the audience

Дон Браден: Мы хотим передать наше настроение аудитории

"We are going to have a great time and to pass on our mood to the audience. We want this mood to infect the public," Don Baden of the Vanessa Rubin & Don Braden said at a news conference ahead of his performance at the festival.

He promised that tonight the spectators will hear music from his joint album with vocalist Vanessa Rubin and possibly also also some surprise compositions.

Braden also stressed that he has visited Russia many times and is impressed by the country's constant development and its people's hospitality: "Each time I notice how things change for the better in Russia. I was impressed with the unstoppable growth of infrastructure. The people here are wonderful, kind and friendly. Koktebel is great, and we really enjoy ourselves here. We hope it's not the last time we are here."

The musicians also noted the rich program of the Koktebel Jazz Party festival.

"We did not come here for awards. Many great bands are playing tonight, and I am sure that any band here today is worthy of an award and applause," Vanessa Rubin added.