Jazz it up in Koktebel
Doctor Jazz Party charity telethon
Russian President’s greetings to participants and guests of Koktebel Jazz Party 2017

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Crimea held its first Koktebel Jazz Festival in 2003. I was lucky to be its cofounder together with my Ukrainian friends Lilya Mlinarich, Vladimir Solyanik and Kirill Vyshinsky. Musicians and us, we all lived in tents and enjoyed fantastic jam sessions at the foot of the Kara Dag Mountain after the main program was over.
Since then, jazz has rocked Koktebel every fall. I am glad to welcome all the fans of its magic to Koktebel Jazz Party this year.
Welcome to the 18th jazz season in Koktebel!
Dmitry Kiselev
Koktebel Jazz Party is a world of smiling faces and joyful people escaping from the stilted and the tedious, from limits and kitsch into the heady freedom of dancing waves and salty air that blend in with the music liberating body and soul. It offers its waterside stages to stars and new and still unknown bands, all bathing in its friendliness as a multi-faceted panorama of contemporary music emerges.