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Ageless creativity: A festival without boundaries

Ageless creativity: A festival without boundaries

On October 30, the gala show of the 5th Blues Without Boundaries Moscow Open Children's Creativity Festival will take place. The best young musicians of different styles and genres who have won the contest will perform there.

Ahead of the contest, a news conference with the jury and guests of the festival was held at the Rossiya Segodnya press center.

The festival is different from other music events because its participants have no strict boundaries, noted Ivan Zhiganov, art director of the Domisolka Children's Musical Theater. "Setting boundaries means limiting the opportunities for the children who want to try their talents in this project," he said.

Moreover, each child has enough time to unleash his or her potential, stressed Nikolai Chermoshentsev, head of the Jazz Department at the Domisolka Theater. "If today a child has not explored his or her potential somehow, he or she always has the chance to develop later: at the next festival or in a different genre," he noted.

The main task of such events is to instill a good taste in music, in life and in vision from the early age, concluded Maria Semushkina, president of the Usadba Jazz Festival.