Jenny Evans. Gonna Go Fishin'

A talented person is good at everything they do. Jenny Evans is a perfect example of this. An English woman, she has been living in Munich for 20 years, has a degree in linguistics, owns a jazz club, is an actress and the leader of a band, a lyricist and, without a doubt, one of the best European jazz singers. Her rare alto voice can be easily recognized from the first few notes she sings. Jenny's repertoire is largely traditional but she plays around adventurously with harmony and rhythm — unexpected intervals, tonal jumps and accents.

Her fifth studio album, Gonna Go Fishin', covers a wide range of material as the singer conveys her emotions with powerful renditions of jazz standards. The highlights of the album are two compositions by Duško Gojković to which she contributed lyrics and arranged them with an Afro-Cuban, Balkan and Spanish flavor. She also sings one song in German. Swing in German sounds a bit unusual but daring and powerful. 

The album is very good and will delight not only fans of swing and bebop but also those of more modern takes on jazz.



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