The City Boys Allstars: Personal Thing

The City Boys Allstars is a band with a complicated history. At the end of the 1980s, guitarist Mike Merola created a band based on the advice and support of Lew Soloff, whom he considered his teacher. The musicians performed successfully, until an illness compelled the founder to dissolve the band.

The project was revived in the 21st century. Mike Merola remains its leader, and Lew Soloff, its soul. The new City Boys Allstars united professionals who are considered among the best session musicians in New York. Unfortunately, their new album was the last for Soloff. 

Personal Thing includes 12 tracks recorded by three singers and 10 musicians. The music was written by vocalists Bill Kurz, Angel Rissoff and Horace Scott and bassist Al MacDowell. The album is stylistically multifaceted, as it includes jazz, rock, funk, soul, blues and gospel.

Personal Thing is a great album. Behind its elegant brightness stands the enormous experience and mastery of its creators.



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