Jazz it up in Koktebel

The Jamal Thomas Band: We can hardly wait to perform

The Jamal Thomas Band: We can hardly wait to perform

Today is the last day of the Koktebel Jazz Party, which will conclude with a concert by the festival's headliner, the Jamal Thomas Band. According to the band members, they can hardly wait to perform.

"I followed the festival's development on Facebook, then saw the pictures of the stages being built, so I knew in advance that everything would be fine. And so it was, " the Jamal Thomas Band's musical director and drummer Alex Bernath said.

"We are very pleased to be here. Last night we saw a couple of performances, and we liked them very much. The sound is great, everything is great "the band's leader Jamal Thomas said.

The musicians said they are very pleased with the organization of the festival, and with the wonderful atmosphere of the Koktebel Jazz Party: "Great organization, great people, great sea and weather. And, of course, pretty girls."

"We came here to play music and make people happy," said Jamal Thomas. "So let's fire it up!"