Jazz it up in Koktebel

We Remember Art Blakey members: We’d like a similar festival to be organized in New York

The Koktebel Jazz Party audience has had the opportunity to see a performance by Valery Ponomaryov and the We Remember Art Blakey sextet. Today, band members Victor Jones and Stafford Hunter spoke about their impressions of the festival.

The Koktebel Jazz Party was organized at the top level, drummer Victor Jones said. "I'd like for a similar festival to be organized in New York — and not just in New York, but in the United States in general. If we have such fantastic festival there, I'll be in seventh heaven," he said.

According to Jones, the food, accommodation, transportation, stage and equipment are all worthy of praise. "Oh, and vodka, of course!" the musician joked.

He said he would like to play at the festival again. "I have always liked Russians and their music. I know that they adore and appreciate music. The music we played today was an embodiment of the rhythm that all Russians have inside them, as well as their enthusiasm. I enjoyed it immensely," Jones said, adding that the evening was unforgettable.

World-renowned trombone player Stafford Hunter also noted the excellent organization of the event. "To the organizers: If you like my performance, call me! I would like to play here again," he said.

Hunter noted the audience's exuberant reaction to the band's performance. "The crowd was spectacular — so much energy and so many emotions!" he said.

Hunter said this was his first visit to Crimea, but not the first time he's been in Russia. "I've noticed Russians adore music. This is very cool," the trombone player said.