Tom Harrell Quintet: We're inspired by the energy we see at the festival

Tom Harrell Quintet: We're inspired by the energy we see at the festival

World renowned jazz trumpeter and composer Tom Harrell will perform today with his quintet at Koktebel Jazz Party. "We will play pieces from our current repertoire," he said at a news conference held ahead of the evening show.

Keyboardist Danny Grisset said that despite the fact that they'll be playing their regular repertoire, the band always tries to bring something different to each performance. "Yesterday we saw how amazing the crowd was, and we cannot wait to perform," he added.

According to the musicians, they feel very comfortable at the festival and appreciate the hospitality and all the positive energy here. "We arrived in Koktebel yesterday and saw some performances, and we feel inspired by the energy we see. I am glad we have the opportunity to perform here," saxophonist Wayne Escoffery said.

Tom Harrell, responding to a question about whether he feels tired of performing, said that he, just like many other musicians, think of music as God's gift, and that he has to serve the cause of music for as long as he can. "This is my calling!" he said.


The KoktebelJazzParty festival is a COVID-free zone. Given the difficult epidemiological situation, the terms of access to the festival may be changed, depending on the epidemiological situation in the region and the recommendations issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).
All festival participants, guests and spectators must present at least one of the three documents listed below:

  • A negative PCR test performed not earlier than August 18, 2021
  • A certificate showing the presence of antibodies to the S-protein of COVID-19, issued not earlier than May 25, 2021
  • A COVID-19 vaccination certificate

All guests, members of the audience and media representatives must wear masks and gloves at the festival venues.