Jazz it up in Koktebel

Felix Lahuti and G. Wilks: Koktebel is a cult venue

Felix Lahuti and G. Wilks: Koktebel is a cult venue

— How do you like the venue? How do you like the festival?

Felix Lahuti: I like it very much — it was organized beautifully. As for Koktebel, I won't expound on it — it's a cult venue, known to everyone. As they say, whoever has loved will understand. The organization is super. The sound is very good. Very good musicians. We're thrilled with it.

Yevgeny Zhukov: The open-air atmosphere is very good for music. Music in the open air sounds different than in a closed club. It's a different aesthetic, a different spirit.

— Who would you like to listen to?

Felix Lahuti: I want to hear everything. The Brown Indian Band is doing their sound check, and I want to listen to them. Everything is interesting.

— Do you think you will come again? Do you want to come back?

Felix Lahuti: Yes, I do

— What do you think about the local countryside?

Felix Lahuti: As longtime visitors to Crimea, we love the local countryside.

— What do you think about the local public?

Felix Lahuti: I think everything will be fine. People responded very well during the sound check. Good contact has already been established.

Yevgeny Zhukov: When Felix said that the festival will be in Koktebel, I was glad, because this is the 20th year since my first visit here. In 1994, I was here for the first and last time, so you can imagine what it means for me to come to the Koktebel Jazz Party.

Something is coming back, some fragments of memories. For me, it's an emotionally subtle trip.