Anna Klesun on Koktebel Jazz Party: It’s like a celebration of jazz!

Anna Klesun on Koktebel Jazz Party: It’s like a celebration of jazz!

— How do you like the festival and the venue? What about the natural scenery?

— The first thing you notice is the swarm of volunteers and how "Jazz Party" is written everywhere. It was cool seeing Koktebel Jazz Party ads in Moscow, and it's great to be a part of it.

— Whose concerts do you want to attend, if any?

— We have big plans for the opening day. We're listening to Pyotr Vostokov's Big Jazz Orchestra right now, and we want to check out Andrei Kondakov who is playing with Brazilian musicians, because we play Brazilian music and we make it a point to see Brazilian drummers or bassists. We like Sergio Brandao especially. There's a lot we can learn from other Brazilian musicians. We always like to learn new things. That's just the way we are.

Deborah Brown is also here, which is unbelievable. Her singing is crazy good. This is an amazing festival. It combines relaxation, personal development and self-expression, all in one — it's indescribable.

— What do you think about the audiences?

— They're really positive, good-natured and warm. The attention you get here is nice, especially when you're coming from Moscow, where people are accustomed to big names and events — it's normal there. Here it's a big event, and everyone treats it as such. I have to say, the people here are quite different from Muscovites: they are warmer and more open.

— How did your show go?

— It was great! We're really pleased. We expressed ourselves, and nothing matters more to us. Plus the crowd liked us.


The KoktebelJazzParty festival is a COVID-free zone. Given the difficult epidemiological situation, the terms of access to the festival may be changed, depending on the epidemiological situation in the region and the recommendations issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).
All festival participants, guests and spectators must present at least one of the three documents listed below:

  • A negative PCR test performed not earlier than August 18, 2021
  • A certificate showing the presence of antibodies to the S-protein of COVID-19, issued not earlier than May 25, 2021
  • A COVID-19 vaccination certificate

All guests, members of the audience and media representatives must wear masks and gloves at the festival venues.