Jazz it up in Koktebel

Dixieland John: Musicians tend to move away from jazz traditions

Dixieland John: Musicians tend to move away from jazz traditions

— What do think of the festival? How do you like the venue? Will you please share your feelings and impressions?

— The venue seems to have become traditional. There cannot be any other venue. I can't even think of another place where such a festival could be held other than on this shore, where every person feels free, and jazz means freedom in music. So, this place is perfect.

And we are happy about the organisation, there is nothing to complain about. And I hope no one will have anything to complain about.

— Have there been any pleasant or memorable moments in this short period of time?

— All the musicians we've heard are very talented. The only thing we would like to have is more jazz. Unfortunately, many musicians stray away, or maybe it just feels like that to us.

We have prepared a slightly different repertoire for Koktebel Jazz Party but as soon as we got here, literally twenty minutes after we came, we reshuffled it completely — we wanted to play the traditional stuff. Unfortunately, people move further and further away from classical jazz and new branches spring up at jazz festivals.

But on the whole, all the musicians are cool!

— The festival is overflowing with musical talent this year — different people came here from around the globe. Who would you like to hear?

It's hard to name anyone in particular. We would like to hear quality music (quality comes first!) and music that would make this style popular not only on this peninsula, but that would make it famous, recognizable and popular everywhere.