Jazz it up in Koktebel

Shoo: Very Proud to be at Koktebel Jazz Party

Shoo: Very Proud to be at Koktebel Jazz Party

— Hello. How do you feel about the festival? Are you enjoying it?

— I'm enjoying everything, especially since this is my home  - I was born in Crimea.

First we were a bit shocked by the nudist beach, that was the only thing, but then everything became cool! My soul is filled with joy.

— What did you like or remember especially during your short stay here?

— The fact that we were able to take part makes me very proud because the other participants here are real legends, my teachers. I made my first steps with the musicians here, they taught me everything. And they let junior leaguers like us play here, which makes us really happy.

— Who are you going to listen to?

— Unfortunately, I won't be able to hear the Club des Belugas, although the very idea that they will be here thrills me. Our sound engineer will be here but unfortunately, the rest of us have to leave a bit earlier.

I would like to hear Felix Lahuti, who will be performing on our stage tomorrow but I won't, and Pyotr Vostokov too, but I've missed his performance. Actually, all the musicians are fantastic!

— What are your impressions of the audience?

— We liked it a lot. The audience is open, very good. I also have my family here. Everyone gathered around us — it was great. It's a very nice place.

I didn't mean the nudist beach! I mean that everyone walks around here, listens to music, people just come up and talk. In general, it is cool!