Jazz it up in Koktebel

Valery Ponomarev: Russia has fantastic jazz musicians

Valery Ponomarev: Russia has fantastic jazz musicians

Famous jazz trumpeter Valery Ponomarev will perform the Messengers from Russia program at the Koktebel Jazz Party. The musician said at a news conference that the orchestra’s program will contain only music performed by cult jazz musician Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

“I have played these tunes many times before. This repertoire lives inside me. But they still remain fresh and have a huge impact both on the audience and the performer,” Ponomarev noted. Ponomarev also commented on the high level of performers with whom he will share the festival’s stage.

“We have such fantastic musicians in Russia now. We just rehearsed together and I didn’t want to leave the stage. The musicians’ level is so high that you can send them anywhere in the world and they will be the best there,” Ponomarev said. The musician also shared his opinion about the performances of young talents in Crimea held yesterday on the festival’s Voloshin stage.

“The kids are so talented. It’s just incredible! I have been to children’s performances so many times, but I have never seen anything like this,” Ponomarev said.