Jazz it up in Koktebel

Jesse Davis Quartet: Our life is music

Jesse Davis Quartet: Our life is music

Jesse Davis Quartet is taking part in the Koktebel Jazz Party for the first time. During the news conference, the musicians shared their first impressions of the festival.

"I haven't been here long enough to really have an impression but I've being doing this for 30 years, so I've been in many situations like this before, this is not the first time. But I have to say that the organizers and all of the people who helped put this together have made it quite easy for us to do what we need to be prepared for the show. And it is always a beautiful thing when you can play on the stage by the sea," Jesse Davis said.

According to Paul Kirby, he is here for the first time: "I don't have the experience of Jesse's, so I am still excited to be at a festival like this."

The band was formed four years ago. The musicians said that they schedule their tours themselves, regardless of the political course.

And jazz, according Minchan Kim, has no geographical borders. "Jazz was originally African American music but now everybody knows that culture. You do not need to be an African American to love jazz. The nation doesn't matter."